Cub Clues 180

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Issue 180 of "Cub Clues" is on its way. Steve and I got a lot of feedback on the combined magazine "Classic Aviators Log" that was released to replace "Cub Clues" in January. The response was less than favorable. Of the scores of people we talked with, only one said "he could live with it." The rest wanted to go back to the old format.

While I think there is room for a magazine like the CAL, I agree and you will see issue 180 in the familiar format. 

We remain busy here, wading through the database and figuring out what we need to do to get the Cub Club back on her feet. The website is progressing, albeit slower than I had hoped. We are here to serve you and if you have an article idea or have written something you think the members would like, drop us a line.