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Wednesday, February 12, 2014 was a landmark day. Documents were signed and Sharon and I resumed ownership of the Cub Club, Luscombe Association and the Taylorcraft Owners Club!

On May 1, 2013, Sharon and I turned the clubs over to another couple. The arrangement was short lived.

Sharon and I have had the opportunity to speak by phone with approximately 100 members since our return. All but one have expressed support for the return of individual newsletters rather than combining all three in one publication.

John Hofmann, local pilot, A&P, aviation newsletter editor/publisher and very good friend has joined our staff to assist with information gathering, writing, editing and publishing each of the newsletters. You'll enjoy talking with John as well as meeting him at a future flying event.

Luke Lachendro, a local 16 year old airport bum who recently soloed on the morning of his 16th birthday, has also joined our small team to assist with phone calls. He's a very eager enthusiastic young man who lives and breathes aviation!

Together we are all committed to getting the technical newsletters back on track and assisting all members in any way that we can.

We are always open to suggestions for improving our service to members. And we are also interested in receiving news, articles, photos maintenance tips as well as any other information that will help keep Cub owners enthused and flying safely.


Steve Krog and John Hofmann


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